Alloy D6 Bullet Dice


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【Gift Choice】:These dice have the shape of bullets, which is not only cool, but also has a punk feel. More attractive than normal dice. And It is a very good gift choice.

【D6 Bullet Dice Set】:The dice don't need to look like dice, the 6-sided bullet dice are the perfect addition to any tabletop fight. They fit you dice palette perfectly and the rolling experience is quite visually fun.

【Special Design】:D6 Bullet Dice Are Designed To Be Balanced, Clear, And Able To Stand Right. They Are Also Meant To Be Rolled And They Are Also Ideal Items That Can Be Used By DND Players.

【Excellent Material】:Made of alloy , light weight, good balance, beautiful and durable, adding more mystery when playing the game. These are as realistic as we could make them and even feature a primer design.

【Easy to Scroll】:This dice with a balanced and easy roll in mind, which is achieved with rounded edges and starting off from polygonal shapes like squares, hexagons and octahedra.

Due to the process of baking paint, the transportation time is long, it may cause fading, if you mind, please consider carefully

Packet included:1pcs *Bullet Dice





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